Introducing the world’s first-ever Phone Mounted Hand Sanitizer

Simple, secure attachment

How do I attach the gadget to my phone?

It only takes a few seconds to safely and securely attach the Pure Drop CARGO to your phone or phone case!

All you need to do is place the adhesive plate on your phone or phone case , place the Pure Drop CARGO horizontally on the plate, and just rotate it until it clicks and falls into its place.

Stay safe and hygienic in 2021

Simplify your daily life with this innovative and  practical phone-mounted hand sanitizer that comes with you everywhere you go without ever forgetting it!

Pure Drop CARGO is an absolute must-have in 2021 and makes personal hygiene an effortless habit.

Innovative hand sanitizer

Take good care of your personal hygiene at all times.

It only takes a second to spray the perfect amount of hand sanitizer, keeping you safe at all times! 


Above all, practical

Have a firm and comfortable grip on your phone at all times.

Get a  special ring, that allows easier phone usage, even more secure grip and basically removing the possibility of you dropping your phone!

Everything you need at any moment

Stable and secure 

Pure Drop CARGO will stay securely attached to your phone, without damaging it, until you decide to remove it!

It will even help protect it!

Removable and reusable


Attach the Pure Drop CARGO to your mobile phone in a few simple steps and remove it just as easily!

Repeat it as many times as you’d like.

Sophisticated design

Choose your favorite pattern color and pair it up with your mobile device or even get our phone case with built-in mounting plate!

It’s sophisticated and elegant design makes it easy to adjust to any phone design.

Your friends will notice it right away!

Many variants to choose from !

We are planning on offering the Pure Drop CARGO in a variety of plain colors and patterns.

Available capacities for the hand sanitizer containers will be 30 and 40 milliliters, with each milliliter providing around 10-12 sprays.

Treat yourself and your loved ones with a cute gadget that doubles as a daily life necessity!